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Being, well, horribly bored, and not having seen its ilk since the days of the 1st Survivor when a.dw.c was graced with a horribly conniving group of cast aways, and having stumbled across one fo the very few reality TV shows worth watching, I got to thinking about an Internet Adventure version of The Amazing Race.

For those unfamiliar: 11 2-person teams compete over 12 legs until three teams remain on the final leg to battle it out for 1st place; simple maths dictates that some legs are non-elimination rounds. Each leg starts with the teams receiving directions to a route marker which leads to a "detour" (choice between two different tasks each with their own pros & cons) which leads to a "roadblock" (physically grueling task which only 1 member of a team may complete) which leads to the next pit stop. To make things interesting, there are (a) a limited number of "fast forward" tickets that allow the 1st team completing the qualifying task (different to the detour) to skip the rest of the leg and go directly to the pitstop, (b) occasional
chances to yield (force a half hour delay) another team, and (c) a tendency to schedule tasks in a manner (such as directing teams to a location with specific opening times) that can often equalize the gaps between teams. The cost of international travel is met by the organizers of the race - money for local travel is given at the beginning of each leg; people who finish last on a non-elimination leg lose all the money they had accrued to that point and don't get any money at the start of the next leg.


So we have eleven teams. To make this The Amazing IA Race, the teams will be comprised of characters who have featured as significant characters in the Internet Adventures. The first five are easy:

01. Grace & Wil (recipients of life-saving Time Lord nanite technology))
02. Jadi & Angela (married couple)
03. Kadi & Luke (friends)
04. Blue & Tangerine (dating couple)
05. Alison & Rose (both companion to a 9th Doctor)

Who then do we give places in the other 6 teams?

With 29 different stories - some of which take place in multiple locations across time and space - to draw from, choosing the location of each leg shouldn't prove too hard.

So, lets get creative 8)
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